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AAP and its Intentions

Rahul, you may be knowing that BJP had taken actions in Karnataka case, and it had paid it heavy price by losing badly. The person accused had to lose his posts. At the same time, please evaluate deeply what happened to 370-page charge sheet against former CM. She was supposed to be in some jail, as per their statements. You may wish to investigate to find out which jail she is languishing nowadays.

What about the grand vadra scams all over…. What respect they have paid to Khemmka who dared to take action against Vadra. While earlier I too thought that this person will bring change, he has got good intentions until I was proven wrong. This (Khemka incident) and many other such incidents raise huge questions about their intentions and motivation itself. While I agree that our political system has to be clean and transparent, and I strongly feel that it will take time. It will not happen overnight.

I strongly disagree that AK has honest intentions to fight corruption. His track record does not speak for this. So it’s up to you to judge and decide. Modi for sure is an able administrator, honest, visionary, and a master executor so is Ms. Bedi. I think, by bringing more and more capable and clean people to politics, Modi is slowly but surely bringing a change.

Otherwise, how else an honest and outright candidate like Bedi finds a place in BJP and be made CM candidate. Others examples include Manohar Parrikar and Suresh Prabhu being brought to manage key portfolios. My friends such as Rajiv and a handful of others may choose to ignore these steps taken by Modi as he has not been able to see any change in past 149 days. No issues… never mind…it is his choice to remain selective in his approach. Good luck

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