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Narayan Singh Rao


Awarded with a recognition certificate for Lighting Arrangements in the FSD-2003. Directed stage plays and choreographic program during annual cultural festival THOMSO-04.

Representative, Media Committee (Cultural Society, IIT Roorkee). Represented the Bhawan Team in the annual swimming competition and Organized and managed annual swimming competition 2004 -05 at institute level.

  • Name Narayan singh 
  • Date of birth January 
  • Address Noida, UP (INDIA)


Chief Executive Officer

2015 - Current

I'm the founder of Positive ventures Pvt. Ltd.

CPA Global

November 2007 - Present

Sr. Manager at CPA Global


April 2006 - Oct 2007

Research Associate at Evalueserve


June 2005 - March 2006

Junior Software Engineer at Accenture, Bangalore, India


Indian Institute of Managemet


Student PGPX (One Year Full Time Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives) at IIM Ahmedabad

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee


B Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Year 2005

Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education


Guru Govind Singh senior secondary school, Udaipur

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A Conversation Ramkrishna Vivekanand

A Conversation : Ramkrishna & Vivekanand

A very very interesting and enlightening conversation between Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Swami Vivekanand. I believe, this is the way to happier life. 1. Swami Vivekanand:- I can’t find free time. Life has become hectic. Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- Activity gets you busy. But productivity gets you free. 2. Swami Vivekanand:- Why has life become complicated now? Ramkrishna […]

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aap and it's intention

AAP and its Intentions

Rahul, you may be knowing that BJP had taken actions in Karnataka case, and it had paid it heavy price by losing badly. The person accused had to lose his posts. At the same time, please evaluate deeply what happened to 370-page charge sheet against former CM. She was supposed to be in some jail, […]

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एक बरस और बीत गया…

पीछले साल जब मैंने अपना नव वर्ष का बधाई सन्देश लिखा था तो मैंने कहा था की वर्ष २०१४ असीमित संभावनाओ का वर्ष है. वाकई कई मायनों में, वर्ष २०१४ असीमित संभावनाओ का वर्ष निकला भी. किसने सोचा था की देश का जनमानस एकजुट होकर देश के सबसे बड़े पर्व यानी आम चुनाव में इस […]

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The Indian Iris (Positive Ventures Pvt Ltd). D-57, Dallupura Rd, D Block, Sector 10, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

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